Teach beyond
the classroom

and they'll
​reach beyond
the classroom.

The Center for Dynamic Learning inspires youth to cultivate career readiness and workforce skills through science, art, and theatre programs.
Did You Know?
  • CDL runs 28-35 programs every semester.
  • CDL provides approximately 100 youth with work experience each summer.
  • CDL is about to launch its 15th season!

​​​The Center for
​Dynamic Learning

At the conclusion of their time at The Center for Dynamic Learning, youth have gained a plethora of skills. Critical thinking, collaboration, trial and error, reading comprehension, and oral communication are just a few outputs of CDL curriculum.
All of our programming is inquiry based and challenges youth to follow their own inquiries to relevant learning experiences.

CDL can help your child
reach new heights.

Our Mission
A CDL Youth