Kelly McCabe
Scenic Director
STEAMM Powered Theatre
Nancy Vargas
Expanded Learning Program Manager
Beth Cunha
Executive Director

  • In engaging imaginations to solve problems creatively
  • In creating a learning environment for youth based on mutual respect and acceptance
  • In connecting with youth through interest-based learning
  • Young people will realize their potential to succeed when provided with positive role models and a supportive environment in which to explore their creativity
  • Every youth is an individual and has the right and need to express themselves
  • Through the creative and scientific process, youth will gain confidence in their ability to affect positive change in their living, learning, and working communities

STEAMM is more than the content of the acronyms silos: science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and manufacturing , it is a process in which youth engage with content holistically. 

At CDL we believe...

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Manufacturing Career & Tech

Students do not only learn how to read and perform on a script, but how to take on classic stories and make them relevant to their lives, their interests, and their school day learning objectives.

​​​The Center for
​Dynamic Learning

Laine Johnson 
STEAMM Educator
Kevin Cunha
Chief Operating Officer
STEAMM Education
Jimmy Rotondo
Director of Choreography and STEAMM Educator
Our motto is always "Teach beyond the classroom and they'll reach beyond the classroom." To this end, CDL builds strong learning communities that are held together by the back-bone of the innovative, hands-on, student driven STEAMM curriculum.
Since 2012, More than 2,200 
middle school youth have been
 introduced to Manufacturing as a
 Career Pathway. Youth take advantage of college credit or CTE programs to launch into liberal arts colleges and 4 year degrees.