​​​The Center for
​Dynamic Learning

The Center for Dynamic Learning (CDL) and Asa Messer Elementary School formed a partnership for the 2018-2019 academic year to begin delivering the CEE (Create, Explore, Enrich) After School Program. CDL was the anchor to this afterschool program. We are currently planning for the 3rd year of programming. The goal of program is to serve between 125-150 youth daily, serve as an intervention strategy to prevent absenteeism, provide regular homework and tutoring supports, as well as a diverse pool of enrichment programs.

Over the course of the past 2 years, CDL team members provided, Books Alive, Stage Spouts, Full Scale Theatre, dance, creative movement, chorus, chess, coding, volleyball, weird science, greenhouse, young inventors, spoken word, arts & crafts, arts & design, crazy-8’s, and mechatronics. Additionally, CDL secured relationships with Lamonte Thomas’ Play4Peace Tour (basketball, leadership, and mentoring),JUMP (dance) SMART TEST (Hip Hop Healthy, Hip Hop Science, and China Bridge), Rhody Jumpers (Jump Rope), The Cranston YMCA (swim lessons), Roger Williams Park Zoo (visits with animals and science exploration), and KidzArt (visual art).

 Our motto is always "Teach beyond the classroom and they'll reach beyond the classroom." To this end, CDL builds strong learning communities that are held together by the backbone of the innovative, hands-on, student driven STEAMM curriculum.Type your paragraph here.

CEE (Create, Explore, Enrich) Program at Asa Messer Elementary School in Providence