2017 SBANE INNOVATION Semifinalist

2014 Champion in Action

for Youth Programming

2014 PBN Innovation in Education Award

 Dear STEAMM Powered Theatre Families!

As some of you may know our annual SWEET ENDINGS BANQUET is just around the corner. This year the banquet will take place March 23rd at Bravo Bistro in Providence.

The banquet is a wonderful family event where youth and families from across all of our STEAMM Powered Theatre programs come together celebrate the year. This event features a penny social, award ceremony, decadent desserts and of course you can’t have a party without some singing and dancing!

We are also EXCITED to announce the return of our favorite fundraiser! DARE TO CARE

How does it work?

The STEAMM Theatre educators have been challenged to complete two dares. The two teachers that receive the most votes will be subject to their given dare the night of the banquet in front of the WHOLE STEAMM Powered Theatre Family. 

Who is Participating & What Are the Dares?

The participating STEAMM Educators are Miss. Lauren, Miss. Nikki, Miss. Rachel T and Mr. Chuck. There will be two dares, one being a whipped cream pie to the face and the other is to have slime poured on the teacher’s head.

How do we vote?

All current STEAMM Powered Theatre students can pick which teacher they want to dare and the dare they want that teacher to perform. Each vote is $1.00. The teachers with the most votes “win” the dare they were voted for.

Prizes for top “voters”:

All students who collect $35 or more in “votes” will receive a Dare to Care T-Shirt.
The student who collects the most “votes” will receive a trip to Launch with 10 friends supervision and their parents will receive a date night basket.
The school that collects the most “votes” will win a trip to

Enclosed you will also find the voting sheet.  All votes are due back by 3/15/19.  

We hope everyone can join in on this fun and exciting competition and in the process, help support STEAMM Powered Theatre’s Lonzell Haggray Scholarship Fund.  Thank you for your involvement and support!

For questions, concerns and ways to participate please contact our Operations Coordinator Nikki Da’Bronzo at

 In service,

Elizabeth Cunha
Executive Director