The Met High School

#STEAMMPOWERED Theater explores reading, analysis, and public speech while also tackling science curricula. When exploring the story of Oliver students also discover the concept of recycling. When pulling on Pinocchio’s strings they learn the physics behind work and simple machines. Merlin’s Lab opens up the door to chemistry. Learning is not one dimension. It is a tactile, hands-on experience. Students do not only learn how to read and perform on a script, but how to take on classic stories and make them relevant to their lives, their interests, and their school day learning objectives. At the end of a semester, students put on a full-scale production in front of an audience!

Henry Barnard Elementary School

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Stephen Olney Elementary School

Meeting Street School

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CDL seeks to elevate theater from an enrichment activity to an aligned school day model.

Saylesville Elementary School

Northern Elementary School

#STEAMMPowered Theatre

Lonsdale Elementary School

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